saving on attendance

i’ve always wanted to do this… attend classes religiously for the first 75% of the term and then bunk the last 25% and chill… no attendance issues, last 1/4 of term holidays… wanting to do this for the last 5.5 years… never happened… either bunked too much in the beginning or hadn’t had the heard to bunk in the end…

finally happened… religiously attended almost every class for the first 9 weeks of the 11 week term… and then have been on a bunking spree… and it’s immensely helpful if you have so many assignment deadlines….

some things i never learn…

today happened to be #3’s birthday. i had “put blade” on her between early 99 and mid 2000 (“live”) and for a year after that by email. Even after it was “all over” (now i think it never began), it rankled for another 2.5 years.

now, when I look back at “incidents” such as these, i feel like laughing. “How naive i must have been then to do this and do that” and stuff… on another train of thought, i feel it was a wholly unnecessary ordeal which simply troubled me too much… on yet another train of thought, i feel it was a good learning experience.

LEARNING!!! what have i learnt? some things, but not all. I still continue to do the same mistakes. At that point of time (towards the end of “blading career no. 3”), a grave mistake i made was to assume that any message i wrote would be read by the intended recipient only. decided i’d always double check before sending any message/mail.

however i don’t seem to have learnt from this mistake. still keep writing arbitly “fearlessly” assuming only the intended recipient reads the stuff… “how naive i am even now to do this and do that”!!!

Age of Empires

Have gotten addicted to the game of late. Playing it whenver i get 20 mins free. And i still suck at it. And it’s bloody spoiling my assignments and stuff.

Today was another supply chain submission which meant yesterday was another memento-us night. a report i would normally finish in half an hour took 2 hours as my typing speed dipped. characters on screen started looking like marching soldiers. I could think only of AoE. was givvup.

And i actually had reached a “pinnacle” when i beat a moderate comp yesterday.

anyways, i’m uninstalling AoE from my comp now. at least for the next ten days…

more PPO issues

the new york office of Lehman Brothers came out with its PPOs (final job offers) today. we had expected both the people who went there from IIMB – call them ‘mother’ and ‘father’ to get the job. mother got, as expected. however, in what has been a rude shock to most of us, father didn’t. i mean, fatherjane is one of the biggest fighters on campus. he was known as “night-out god” in IITM. and he hasn’t been made an offer.

and no cribs about motherjane getting the offer. everyone expected her to. no doubt about that.

these i-banks are really arbit, i must reiterate.

i’m really happy i didn’t accept my offer!

arun shourie

came for a lecture at IIMB today. amazing lecture. unmindful (or unknowing) of the presence of “sonia’s new whizkid” Rajeev Gowda in the first row, he went on in the same tone as his books (I’ve read about half of “Eminent Historians” – amazing) as he proceeded to explain the evolution of the Indian Economy through the ages. Brilliant speech, laced with anecdotes and forever playing to the gallery.

i was the first question to put CP (class participation for the uninitiated) and it proved a good move as Dr. Shourie answered every question in great detail and due to time constraints couldn’t take too many more. gave a decent answer to my question, so i was happy…

however, the best part of the evening came after the vote of thanks as Dr. Shourie quoted an urdu rubaiyat (a four-line poem) or somethign which roughly translated to “I don’t know whether you’re actually complimenting me or if you always speak that way!”

amazing. hope there are a few more lectures such as these. remind me of those good old extramural lectures (EMLs) at IITM, especially Subramaniam Swamy and Jairam Ramesh.

“What stand you take on a political issue depends on where you sit” – Jairam Ramesh, responding to my question as to why the congress was opposing Mr. Vajpayee’s government’s reforms while it was the congress itself which started them.