Aapta Mitra

Just saw that movie. Refreshingly, a good kannada movie. one of those rare movies which will appeal to even the “balcony class”.

kinda spooky stuff. a few illogical things in the plot (such as a 17th century court dancer haunting a 21st century house – forms the basis of the plot) but still the director (forget his name) has made a pretty good effort in piecing it all together. and for a change, the screenplay is excellent (a prereq for a spooky movie such as this) and the music by Gurukiran (who seems to be going the anu malik way – only thing is he doesn’t lift entire songs, just pieces from different songs in a “collage”) isn’t very inspiring. but hte background score is amazing and adds to the plot.

and of course, there’s the customary vishnuvardhan-dwarakish song (this movie has been produced by dwarakish) and the acting is also pretty good. and with “sahasasimha” vishnuvardhan, “chocolate hero” ramesh, soundarya, “gatti haalu” (tough milk) prema, dwarakish, shivaram, etc. it is only expected.

this film also happened to be soundarya’s swansong before she passed away in a helicopter crash during last year’s election campaign. god, she did look good! the homely type though. definitely lived up to her name (which i heard she acquired upon entry into films).

the movie completed a year at Santosh Theater sometime mid-august and was shortly taken off. that it caters to all kinds of audience (and not just to the gandhi class unlike most other kannada movies) did help. critics may argue that the reason for this movie doing so well was teh ban on other language films which was on when this was released.

however, that (and the fact that it’s “inspired” by a mallu movie) must not take away any credit from this. easily among the 10 best kannada movies i’ve seen.

PS: no wonder the tam movie “inspired” by this Chandramukhi didn’t do too well. Rajni played the role played by vishnu in this one and one simply can’t imagine rajni as a top-notch psychiatrist. he’s fit only for the conductor-auto driver-type “gandhi class level” roles.

ring road on bike…

yesterday evening i decided to go all round bangalore’s “intermediate ring road”. on a bike (methinks wasting so much petrol in a car for no purpose is criminal). went all the way to hebbal (through the eastern side – btm,sarjapur road, marathahalli, etc.). then got bored and decided to cover the rest of the journey some other day.

and since it was a sunday evening, there was little traffic. and the road, for long stretches, is simply beautiful. three lanes each way, wide median, greenery for 10 feet on either side of the road – also implies no establishments on the road.

and i’m “zipping” along at 80 kmph (my bike refuses to go faster than that) and still feeling as if i’m going at 20 kmph. typically if i cross fifty on a busy road i start feeling a little insecure…

reminds me of Claude Shannon’s second law of information theory (called the channel coding theorem or something): You can transmit data reliably across a channel if the speed of data transfer is less than the speed of the channel.

similarly with roads. you can drive safely as long as your speed is within the speed of the road!!

anyways, as i was driving yesterday i thought of lots of stuff to write about the experience. but now i’m feeling too lazy so i’ll stop here. just want to add that this “road trip” was among hte most heady experiences of my life so far…

room cleaning…

cleaned my room sometime back… threw away a lot of useless paper (the cleaner will make a package tomorrow selling it all to the raddiwala). wiped my table and shelves. cleaned out some of the cobwebs. put new linen. organized my table. swept the room. put up 2 old posters. ah! my room is looking so different and good now!!!


the last 2 project submissions took a lot more time than expected… even more so with choosing yesterday to hurt his eye in a game of baddy (which effectively put him out of action for the last couple of days) when he was the only one in our group who had SOME IDEA of what had to be done in the project.

have done totally fraudulent stuff… wonder what would happen if prof were to suddenly call for a viva! anyways, i can take solace from the fact that valuation is always WRONG!!

so i can finally shout out “MBA OVER”!!!

dealing with disappointment…

a friend of mine had a certain major disappointment in life recently and had come to me to pour out her woes. me feels very awkward in such situations. i’m no qualified “agony uncle”. seriously have no clue as to how to deal with such situations. dunno what to tell her. afraid of saying something that’ll depress her further. but still she believes i can help her out of her current situation. and keeps talking.

strategy i’ve adopted of late is to just sit quietly and patiently listen and season the other person’s monologue with “ok”s and “yeah i get the point”s. at least that way i believe i don’t do anything negative and also the other person might feel better with someone having heard her completely…

happy birthday, ganesha!

today’s supposed to be ganesha habba. spent it in college writing an exam. will go home now. and yeah, lemme quickly go out and have a look at the moon. aw, shucks! too many clouds in there. the only ritual i follow as part of this festival is also gone… :((

when i was a kid i used to be damn excited about ganesha habba. decorating the house, etc was all “good fun”. i also liked to pain my mom by threatening to move the idol and stuff. and i used to beg that it is me who hsa to finally dump the ganesha in a bucket.

now as i’ve grown older, i’ve lost the enthu totally. the whole ritual thing seems fraud to me. why should there be a specific day in the year when a specific god has to get importance? ok it may be his birthday, but still…

one thing good about this festival is that you go around visiting people to “see the ganesha in their house”. gives you an opportunity to catch up with a lot of people whom you aren’t in regular touch with. probably that’s the sole reason this festival was invented. our forefathers WERE pretty intelligent, i must say.

and i suddenly remember the “ganesha series” of kannada movies which came out in the early nineties. starring anant nag. good clean “balcony class level” movies. loads of fun. “Ganeshana maduve” (ganesha’s wedding) was the best of the lot, followed by “gowri ganesha”. wonder what happened to such movies nowadays. they make only bullcrappy rowdy-level or “social drama” “gandhi class level” movies.

ah, that digression apart, lemme take this opportunity to with Ganesha a happy birthday once again. and may he banish all the troubles from this world!