Airport Infrastructure

Today, we had a manager from a consultancy company talk to us about the airline industry. Apart from usual stuff like low cost vs full carrier, cyclicity of the industry, scope for consolidation, etc., one important thing that was mentioned is that most Indian operators have placed huge orders for aircraft. It is expected that by 2010, the number of aircraft in India would’ve grown by a factor of 4 (not exactly sure of this number).

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Bhelpuri Economics

Every evening during my last term break, I used to go on a long walk round South Bangalore, and used to top it off by eating somewhere. Being too impatient to sit at a table and order, I would typically saunter into some fast-food places and make good all those calories burnt in the walk. Roti Ghar on most occasions; Upahara Darshini on a few other; Adigas; Cool joint; Chat house; Kakunje’s corn outlets; and a lot of street bhelpuri.

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