Six and out: Part 2 (very boring I must say)

To get an insight as to what might have happened to me the day I got really drunk and did lots of arbit things, I decided to have just a little bit of vodka (thus coming out of premature retirement) and see what exactly would have happened…

As my first peg was assimilated, I felt my knees go weak. I got this attitude that what others think doesn’t matter. It is just that I have to enjoy myself. I remembered a certain somebody telling me repeatedly that “parties are just an instrument for you to let go. don’t worry about opinions people make of you then”. However, I could never implement it thus far. Today, the little vodka in my blood made me get rid of all my self-consciousness (a good thing I must say) and I managed to dance around like a drunk monkey (though I was careful not to venture near “her”, whose feet i’d fallen at on the previous occasion).

I also noticed that time went damn slowly. I seemed to do so many things in so little time. Then a friend of mine told me to practice my proposal on , in my opinion the sweetest girl on campus. Was nice fun as she started beating me…

After this I managed to witness some really amazing scenes. A couple of civilian seniors from IITM (one a classmate here and the other visiting…) got totally sloshed and engaged in a really-funny-to-watch lesbian dance! Then there was this HUGE group of guys who were trying to put blade to “her”. Made interesting watching. Then a wingmate of mine got totally sloshed and went around hugging other guys and giving them gyaan (I happened to be his first victim). Just escorted him back to his room.

Well, I must tell you that two pegs of vodka and LOTS and LOTS of mirinda simply can’t simulate a “six and out” as I would call my “episode that day” (named in honor of Shane and Brett Lee). But nevertheless I had fun at this party.

Guess I’ll sleep now. Got two submissions on monday….

Mass Weddings

In a month’s time from now, 200 girls from our tribe are going to be married. The weddings will start on the 10th of March and go on for a week, until all the brides have been married. Preparations have already begun in full swing and some girls have already been engaged – they won’t go through the process of finding a groom in those days.

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Plzzz don’t get psyched by reading this. Just some arbit stuff. And no, i’m not mad. and i’ve quit drinking….

Sometimes I have this vague feeling that I want to be accelerated. Somehow. Best thing would be to drive but that’s a li’l dangerous. I won’t mind a few people shoving me around. Or even beating me up. As long as it somehow makes me feel light in the head and happy. Sometimes even a nice joke will do the trick. I’ll laugh so much that I’ll be accelerated. Don’t know why this is happening. Is it because of some past incident? Is it because there’s something deep down that has been bottled in? Is there something I want that hasn’t been satisfied? Or is this simply how I relax? Speaking of relaxation, sometimes I do feel guilty that I haven’t worked enough to relax now! So why should I relax? Why is it that I’m not able to meet my long-term deadlines? Why is it that I start doing something and end up doing something totally different? I’ll stop here as thinking on these lines will make me get the feeling to be accelerated even further.


Cricket Illustrated

This is in reference to the article “life is a game of cricket” I wrote a few days ago. Today we were discussing the answers to a certain examination and I was able to explain everything in cricketing terms… The paper consisted of 40 Multiple Choice Questions with +1 for every right answer and -1 for every wrong.

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On cultural events and simulated annealling

As part of my “Artificial Intelligence” course three years ago, I had learnt about this search technique called “simulated annealling”. I learnt this again as part of an advanced course in Operations Research. It is used to solve problems where solving rigorously is not feasible as it would take too much time.

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