reservation fundaes…

Spent the last couple of hours teaching math to a friend of mine. He entered IIMB through a reserved quota last year. Did extremely badly and flunked the first year. If he doesn’t do well this time round, he’s been told he’ll be asked to leave.

During the course of my teaching, I figured out that his level of understanding is much lower than most other people I have encountered. The way I had to teach today was totally different from the style I adopt during the tutorials I take. I had to literally hand-hold him as I took him through one of the not-so-tough parts of probability theory.

Having finished teaching him, I am forced to raise this fundamental question as to whether we are overdoing reservations in the premier institutes. Many candidates who enter through the reserved quota end up doing pretty well (in fact this year one such guy, a good friend of mine, narrowly missed out on the coveted Director’s Merit List which is awarded to the top 10 performers in the batch) but there are also many who end up doing really badly.

Some of them take three years to finish the course. Some of them are forced to drop out. Some manage to finish the course but it’s a nightmare for the placement committee to place them at the end of the course (yeah the last bit happens with some general category people also but the incidence is much less among them).

There’s this other incident I would like to quote here. A girl wrote the JEE one year before me. Didn’t do well enough to get in but was offered the “Preparatory Course”. At the end of the course, she was found not to have done well enough to continue to the main program and was asked to leave. She raised a hue and cry, moved court, moved the National Commission for SC/STs and managed to get in (as my batchmate). I have heard from my friends and juniors that she’s unlikely to leave IIT with a degree.

Are we raising false hopes for these “weaker sections” by reserving too many seats for them? Would we be better off taking only those candidates from the “weaker sections” who are reasonably good and are likely to successfully complete the course and not keep taking just to fill a quota?

The guy whom I taught today has already spent a year and a quarter and 2 lakh rupees for his education at IIMB. And he seemed to give an indication that he’s not doing too well this time round also and is likely to quit sooner or later. And he had a software job before he joined IIMB. Now, as an “IIMB dropout”, it would be tough for him to find a job. Wasn’t he better off still working in that software firm?

Important questions to be answered but i bet that in the name of populism, vote banks, etc. these quotas will only increase and more people’s life will get ruined this way.

changes in myself….

of late i’ve become highly individualistic, arrogant, self-centered, short-tempered, etc. Just the way i was in late 12th standard or when i just entered IIT.

and as of now, i’m yet to experiences the repercussions of being this way (i’ve been like this for the last 6 months). and i’m pretty much enjoying life. and i’m also confident about myself (almost bordering on overconfidence) – confidence was something i sorely lacked during the last 3.5 years of life at IIT when i tried to be a “good boy”.


i didn’t resign…

i didn’t resign as i had planned. instead i decided to back out of that particular project only. here’s what i sent:

i’m neither motivated about the forex game nor am i confident of doing a good job of it.

under these circumstances it would be silly to promise to deliver this to someone.

hence i would prefer NOT to do this game.

i’ve taken this decision after prolonged thought and considering multiple points of view.

and i’m not open to any further negotiations on this.

Feeling totally at peace with myself now…

more club issues…

part of this finance club in IIMB. there’s a huge looming opportunity coming up in the way of a mega online game our Forum for Industrial Interaction (people who organize Vista, the bizfest) have offered us.

Sad part is i’m the guy in the team who will have to do the work connected to that if we are doing it. and i DON’T want to do it. and everyone else thinks it’s a “wonderful opportunity” and want to do it. anyone in their positions will – they aren’t going to put too much effort into it anyway. and they are VOLUNTEERING ME to do the work…

have gotten my resignation letter ready… will be sending that off now…


wrote a paper for Vista, the IIMB BizFest. Couldn’t imagine that such fraud jobs can also qualify as “papers”. It wasn’t even a neat copy-paste job. read up a couple of websites on a topic, made up a fraud “lever model”, applied it to the topic, wrote about whatz wrong with the topic… and gave a list of “just like that” recomendations…

halfway through the paper, i felt really pathetic about it and suggested we not send the paper. however, my partner said that we wouldn’t lose anything by sending and since we had already put in that much effort we might as well send it across…

still can’t stop laughing about it… and i’m definitely not going to wait for the results!


as i sit and think about my career choices, i suddenly have this feeling i want to become a prof. in something like economics or public policy. at one of the top institutes in India (IIT,IIM, types). i enjoy teaching, i enjoy research in stuff like this, if i’m a prof people will LISTEN to me, i’ll have the opportunity of interacting wiht some of the best people in india.

guess after my MBA i’ll work for 3-4 years (my mom says 2), then go for a PhD and come back and bcome a prof.

those of you who’re into research/teaching please tell me the cons of such a career. money is not an issue. i don’t mind not getting extremely high salaries as long as i get enough to keep me and my family happy.

feeling like a ganguly…

yet another quiz today where we missed qualification by one point.

me kinda feel that i’m not as good a quizzer as i used to be. maybe the last time i played a really major role in my team’s victory was at least three years ago (talking of conventional quizzes). i still think i’m pretty good in formats such as the University Challenge but it unfortunately wasn’t held this year :((

used to be a strike bowler around four years ago. used to singlehandedly win quizzes. managed to get a pretty good partner. settled down into a lethal combo together. then in 2003, we got a pretty good third guy, who seemed to be so good he started opening the bowling and i settled down into a good third bowler.

moving to IIMB got me introduced to a few more great quizzers. and with KQA quizzes being 4 a side, i’ve comfortably settled as a FOURTH BOWLER. i’m the Kasprowicz to my team which is McGrath, Gillespie, Lee. I’m the Hoggard (who gets wickets only when the ball swings wildly) to my team which is Harmison, Flintoff and Jones.

And considering my current form (and using the bowling analogy) i’m like Sourav Ganguly to my team that is Dravid, Tendulkar and Sehwag! Not a very comforting thought!! banking upon history and ancient records (and good performances in intra-college quizzes) to keep my place in the team.

sumo, yet so far.